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Booster Member positions are now available!

Each season the SLU Boys Lacrosse Boosters support the coach & players by organizing all the events that make the season special.  This takes a team to run.  Below are the positions available that you can support:


  • President:    

The President leads the booster organization by holding monthly meetings to complete the mission.  The president interacts with the Varsity Head Coach to set objectives and works with SLE Athletic Director to ensure booster plans are supported by school.  

  • Vice-President:    

The Vice- President supports the President in executing the organizations mission.  The VP may Chair Player Development and Youth Lacrosse interface. 

  • Treasurer:    

The Treasurer maintains the budget for the organization and ensures the incomes & expenses that are presented are approved and within budget.

  • Secretary:    

The Secretary takes notes on each booster meeting and publishes the minutes.  The secretary administers the booster email and facilitates communication between the boosters and the membership (parents & players of the teams).

  • Fundraising Chairperson:    

The Chairperson will help facilitate the fundraisers for the organizations.  The chairperson will lead all supporting commitee personnel, as necessary, with the help of all other booster members to determine fundraising, organize days events, and executing event. All fundraising must be approved by SLE Athletic Department. T

Volunteer Committees are now being formed!

Each season a comprehensive volunteer team is needed to make our season run smoothly.

The lacrosse program could not be possible without the support of the parents, family members, and fans who generously support our program with their time and talents. We appreciate your help with the following events and activities:

  • Home Game Volunteer Coordinator:

The Coordinator will ensure that all families volunteer for home game duties throughout the season and will utilize sign-up genius to confirm that all spots are filled such as: ticket booth, spotters, concession sales, 50/50, field duties (2 at each game) and press box operations (announcer and clock).  Lacrosse games require many volunteers; please be generous with your time. Watch for game specific volunteer emails as the season is in full swing.  

  • Team Journalists:

Provide write-ups about the games to the local newspaper

  • Team Dinner Coordinator: 

Coordinate the menu and utilize sign-up genius to ensure enough food, desserts and drinks are available. 


  • Senior Night Coordinator:

Scheduled for TBD. Coordinator will ensure that senior players and their parent are sufficiently honored at this senior recognition home game. (Position to be held by an parent of an underclassman)

  • Military Day Coordinator:

Coordinator will form a committee and work with both the SLU Boys & Girls Youth Boosters to plan and execute a fun "Chairty" event where the youth teams play throughout the day capped off by JV & Varsity games.  ALl proceeds benefit a local Military organization.

  • End of Season Banquet Coordinator: 

Scheduled for TBD. Awards & Banquet coordination. Coordinator will form a committee to plan a fun-filled evening to honor and recognize our players and families.

  • Website/Facebook Page/Communication:

Utilize the team's Facebook page and Website to provide information to players and families regarding the program, schedule, events, etc. Communication may come by way of email, text, Facebook status updates, announcements on the team Website.

  • Photography (JV & Varsity):  

Take photos during practices, games, team building activities, camps, etc. and provide digital photos to Website/Facebook Page/Communication person to publish. Photos will also be used for newspaper publications. A slideshow with highlights from the season will be needed for the end of the year banquet. announcements on the team Website.

  • Home Game Program Chairperson:

Create and publish a game program with rosters, senior bios, season highlights, sponsors, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities are available!


If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering for each game in some capacity or as a Booster board member, contact us at:


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