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OUR MISSION - The Booster Club is a volunteer/parent organization whose purpose is to support and enhance the positive experience for the Varsity and JV lacrosse players, coaches, parents, and supporters. We are proud of the success of our Unified High School Lacrosse Program. We have and will maintain our solid reputation for outstanding sportsmanship, passionate & fair play, and a dedicated desire to be the finest lacrosse program in our community.



-Support and encourage the players/students, coaches, staff/managers as established by our by-laws and the S.L. Athletic Department.

-Communication Liasion to represent both players/parents to the coaches/Athletic Department with suggestions, positive feedback, and addressing of concerns.

-Project planning input to the Athletic Department to improve facilities and upgrade/replace equipment when necessary.

-Develop and maintain a South Lyon Unified Boys Lacrosse website as a community resource and communication tool for fans, players, coaches, management, and more.

-Fundraising program planning and coordination intended to support and enhance the high school lacrosse experience  



-Maintain positive and consistent communication with the South Lyon Boys Lacrosse Club to offer development programs and to strengthen our feeder teams.

-Communicate off season team and player conditioning as available in the greater lacrosse community to all South Lyon players.



-We strive to offer our players leadership and personal development opportunities both on the field and beyond. We believe that a strong lacrosse booster program will allow the students focus on both their studies and their team responsibilities while being oustanding members of the South Lyon community.  

-Grades will be monitored by the Athletic Department - student/players must maintain a 1.7 GPA; resources are available to adequately support those students who may need additional help balancing the team responsibilities and their grades. 

-Tutor resources will be made available through the National Honor Society and the Athletic Department for student/players to achieve/maintain a strong GPA.


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